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Student Life/Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Conveniently located within the heart of metro Atlanta, GA, students get to experience all four seasons of weather in a major city with citizens that still maintain their southern charm. Atlanta is a diverse, friendly city with adventure opportunities within reach in every direction including parks, mountains, lakes, sports, activities and attractions, and even the ocean is just a short drive away. The city has public transportation and all the necessities of a major city while being more affordable than other major US cities like New York or Los Angeles. Many businesses call Atlanta home, creating a dynamic economy and relative opportunities.

Here are a few resources to find out more about life in Atlanta, GA:


Native Speakers

An additional reason students choose AEI is that they want instructors who are native speakers without an accent.

Our students learn American English from American instructors. Other credentials and requirements include a relevant college degree and TESOL Certification in teaching English as a Second Language – knowing how to communicate in a way that will help students learn quickly and with the most productivity. The majority of our faculty members hold advanced degrees and ESL certifications.

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