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Syed Raza

Mr. Raza is a seasoned accounting, auditor, and budget planner with more than 35 years of experience. He is dedicated to the growth and development of Atlanta English Institute.

Mr. Raza has more than thirty years of “Auditing and Accounting” experience. His expertise allows him to address auditing, accounting and budgeting matters for AEI. He holds three Master’s degrees in the fields of Economics, Business Administration and History. He also has numerous other professional certificates.

He began his career as “Senior Auditor” in a Pakistan Audit Department. He served the Audit Department as Accountant, Audit Officer, and officer in charge of several Audit and Inspection teams. His expertise includes budgeting, bookkeeping, tax consultancy and auditing. He has audited a large number of government, semi-government, private and autonomous entities in Pakistan.

He is currently working as the 'Operations Lead'  and the 'Head of Accounting and Finance Department' of AEI.

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